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Tiaras To Go is a mobile party experience. Each of our party packages are dedicated to ensuring that your princess and her royal guests have an unforgettable party.  A 7X16 enclosed trailer decked out with pink, pink and more pink... with some bling and beautiful chandeliers is a dream room come true. No matter the weather, we are able to provide a comfortable party setting for your princess.Vanity stations paired with pink styling chairs sit side by side to allow guests to engage and enjoy a pampering by your very own Fairy Glam-mothers! Each party begins with an ice-breaker game/karaoke, followed by movie/show options. While each princess gets her own personal time in with their glam-mother, guests also get to kick back and relax on a 12 foot pink sofa and enjoy snacks (popcorn, gold fish, teddy grahams, fruit snacks, etc)... Oh, lets not forget the dainty Cotton Candy Shirley Temples (bottled water optional as well). Choose whats included in your package: lipgloss, face jewels, facial masks or hair tinsel. Each package comes with painted nails, light make-up,  a personal tiara and lip gloss for each guest. Oh, but of course, the birthday princess gets a metal Tiara keepsake. It's truly an experience your princess will talk about time and time again!

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